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About Fleda A. Ring

A native of Virginia, Fleda A. Ring’s artistic career began at eight years old when she began intaglio and photographic printing alongside her father. Her early influences and extensive studies included the Renaissance and Baroque masters Bernini, Canaletto, and Tiziano due to her love for their talents and interest in the way these artists communicated with their viewers. This interest in communication and exchange became an intergral part of her own work, which draws upon her more current artistic influences including Phil Frost, Gary Gaffney, Alberto Giacometti, Ludwika Ogorzelec, Carol Wax, and Erwin Wurm.

The artist works within a variety of mediums, including three dimensional assemblages, photography and paintings. Her extensive black and white series, “Textural Mediations”, was born from a lengthly period where the artist was recovering from a period of intense surgical procedures and familial loss. The majority of the works were created during prolonged bedrests, and served as a visual healing process. 

The artist’s current series, entitled “Textural Progressions”, is a further development of the techinques used in “Textural Meditations”. Each work begins with the layering of gesso upon a canvas. Pen and graphite are layered onto the crested points of cured gesso, accentuating the visual textures of the piece. Color is added through the application of acrylic paints, which are often mixed directly on the canvas. Ink is applied by pen before adding another layer of gesso to repeat the process. Often, pieces take hundreds of hours to complete. 

The result is a highly emotive, textured and intimate story, one that reflects the rapid changes the artist has recently experienced in her own life. When viewed from afar, each work in “Textural Progressions” acts as visually attracting abstract content that draws the viewer into the painting. It is only when the viewer observes each work up close—visually unwrapping each perceptible tactile layer and incorporating their own emotions, senses and perceptions—that each painting is truly finished. 

Fleda is a graduate of the Virginia School of the Arts and earned an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design from the Art Academy of Cincinnati. She has studied visual arts at Northern Kentucky University and Hollins University. Her works have appeared in galleries in Roanoke, Virginia; Watertown, Massachusetts; Indianapolis, Chicago and most recently at the 2016 London Parallax Art Fair. She is the owner of Fleda A. Ring Artworks in downtown Roanoke, a gallery devoted to local creative communities, and specializing in groundbreaking works by unexpected new artists and established artists working outside their self-imposed boundaries.